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Georgia union electrician

AJC Forum Dec 2, 2002

Are Mexican immigrants a security risk? Tell us what you think.


I don't think Mexican illegals are here to bomb our buildings. They are content to take our livlihoods and skim billions of dollars from our economy and ship it south. Those dollars could go a long way in keeping our economic system afloat. We hear Fox's lobbyist claiming they pay taxes on income. The truth is, they claim enough dependants to keep all of their earnings. How is the IRS going to keep them honest? It has no jurisdiction in Mexico. Are the businesses that employ them illegally going to report suspicious tax payer ID numbers?

As a former union carpenter I've seen my work handed to illegal Mexicans until they have everything but some trim work. They have stolen residential construction and all of commercial construction except that of the mechanical crafts and their footsteps are close behind us in those. One Mexican asked me last year, "How you be 'lectrician ?" Then upon seeing me this year on another job, "I have friend in Mexico, he 'lectrician many years. He come here and work ?" They are not satisfied with just the 'jobs nobody wants'.

As more and more Americans watch their plants close and move to Mexico due to the North American Free Trade Act, don't think they are going to welcome these illegals here to scarf up the leftovers. Trade among equal partners is trade. Trade from a high level to a low one is theft. Gephart and Daschle were in Mexico last year promising Fox that his cheap labor on their side of the fence will be given all rights and privileges accorded legal immigrants and natives. I wonder if other unemployed voters saw their betrayal and said to themselves,"we'll see about that next election day". Lastly, when we see that Presidente Fox can successfully manage Mexico and it's centuries of corrupt government maybe we'll let him govern the United States. Until that day he should stay on his side of the border and keep his demands and politics down there too.

— John Snipes, Decatur