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Illegal Aliens: a Growing Problem for Working Americans

As a member of the drywall trade, I am finding it increasingly difficult to obtain work. At a time when housing developments are at record highs and interest rates are at record lows, work should be abundant for a Madison-area drywall tradesman. However, this is not the case. Many drywall tradesmen are being laid off as a direct result of increasing numbers of illegal aliens coming to this area to work without legal permits. Typically, several people illegally working under one legal immigrant's social security number make this possible.

These people often perform substandard work for very low wages, which drives down the already low cost of labor for drywall. This is making it very difficult for drywall tradesmen to make a respectable living. For every illegal alien working, there is one less job available for legitimate tradesmen. As if stealing jobs is not enough, several colleagues of mine, myself included, have been the victims of theft, having had tools and materials stolen by these illegal aliens.

I have spoken to the INS several times regarding this growing problem, and have been told that there would be no action taken due to the overwhelming number of illegal aliens already working in the area. If this has such a devastating impact on the drywall industry, it only stands to reason that every other industry in the area is suffering from this growing problem as well.

With so many illegal aliens nationwide, this is having an extremely detrimental effect on our economy. I believe that the INS must be granted increased resources in dealing with this issue, and those who have been affected directly must make themselves heard. Also, stiffer penalties should be brought against those who employ illegal workers.

It is in the best interest of Madison and area residents that our leaders take this issue very seriously. Something needs to be done, immediately.

— By Joshua Pozdolski