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Long Island flower business

Over the last ten years the number of vendors selling flower bouquets on the street corners of this town and every other town in the NY area has become an insidious threat to my business and to others in the metropolitan area. These people also have no pride in America and couldn't care less about the destruction of property they cause and garbage they leave behind. Though I have complained to the local police department and town council of this problem they seem to be powerless to stop it or just don't seem to care since it doesn't affect them. The influx of immigrants is having a profound effect on the American Ideal. When they don't pay taxes the various levels of government lay the burden on the honest workers and homeowners. Their loyalties are not to this country. They remain loyal to their homeland. They come here to steal what they can and then return to their own land with the hope of living like a king on the spoils from their years here.

My greatest disappointment is in the US political machine. I think it is about time we call it what it is. In the definitions of governmental forms we fall under a fascist state more than a democracy. Why do the politicos continue to ignore the will of the people. In the case of immigration the numbers tell the story. By an overwhelming majority the citizens of the United States of America want to stop the influx of illegals, limit the number of visas granted, revise and enforce the existing laws. Yet I hear talk of amnesty for illegals.

We are strained already and the elected officials haven't got the vision nor foresight to put a stop to the madness. They need to come down to the trenches of everyday life in the cities and towns of the greatest and most generous people in the world and live the life, feel the joy, and cry the pain of the average man. They have no idea what the struggle to survive means today. It becomes more and more clear with each passing day they don't give a damn. They need to hear THE PEOPLE. And the people should wise up and start to vote for the candidate not the party. Read and learn about your pols. Choose with clarity.