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Sierrans for U.S Population Stabilization
Sierra Club members who work for a comprehensive population policy

Informational billboards and a whole lot more

Center for Immigration Studies
Non-partisan think tank offers serious analysis. Here is a list of publications, including op-eds, scholarly reports, testimony before Congress.

Federation for Immigration Reform
Washington-based reform organization

Negative Population Growth
Serious information in the form of reports and shorter pieces

Voice of Citizens Together
For immigration news junkies, this is the daily fix.

Numbers USA
Excellent information and opportunities for activism, e.g. free faxes to Congress. Congressional voting records are posted.

Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement
Lawyers and law enforcement officers working to ensure the immigration law is enforced.

Americans for Legal Immigration
The ALI website offers news, suggested actions and discussion forums, with plenty of interactivity for those who sign up.

Team America PAC
Bay Buchanan works with Rep. Tom Tancredo to promote borders and sovereignty generally, with special attention given to electing public officials who believe immigration laws should be enforced.



Floridians for Population Stabilization
State group with activism and information

Ranch Rescue
Rancher solidarity with long-suffering border-zone folks

Californians for Population Stabilization
Environmentalists in the most overpopulated state

Georgia Coalition for Immigration Reform
Georgians can learn more about immigration's impact and their legislators' response.

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration
Located near Chicago, the folks at MCRI work to preserve law and borders. The MCRI website keeps readers updated about news, local events, legislation as well as hold media's feet to the fire.


Randall Parker discusses immigration quite often on this top-notch blog.

A daily look at the people who are determined to destroy Western Civilization. Don't miss the interior page Dhimmi Watch which keep an eye on how nonMuslims are being trained to submit to Islamic demands. First hint: Islam is NOT a "religion of peace."


The iconoclastic immigration website, with information about diversity as a mass delusion, immigration presenting a threat to women's rights and safety, environmentalist arguments against overpopulating the country and much more.

The Terry Anderson Show
Tune in on your radio or computer (using RealAudio) to hear Terry's fire-breathing radio show on Los Angeles station KRLA 870 am on Sunday nights at 8 pm Pacific time.

NewsTrove Immigration News
LTG likes specialized news search engines that pull up recent information on a subject and this one is pretty good. It trawls, it crawls, it pulls up recent news stories and opinion pieces.

Google News
Just type in "immigration" in the search box of this excellent current events trawler. Do you want to see the differing coverage about a recently released government study or follow a specific topic? This is it. If you are an LTE writer and want to know what papers are carrying an article needing your written comment, this site is invaluable.

Kris Eggle Family Website
The family of a Park Ranger murdered on the job in Organ Pipe National Monument by an illegal alien drug dealer want the government to end the border chaos that has become increasingly dangerous.

Desert Invasion
Our supposedly protected lands are being destroyed in areas of illegal alien incursion by the thousands who lawlessly rampage through America's national parks, wildlife refuges and national forests.

The Social Contract
Quarterly journal plus difficult-to-find immigration books available at the online store

Norm Matloff's Immigration Forum
The most thorough examination available of the high-tech visa issue, plus other issues such as ethnicity and welfare use

Author Peter Brimelow's online journal of his own and others' commentary

House Immigration Subcommittee
Hearing testimony presented before Congress

Affirmative Action for Immigrants?
Immigrants hijack a program that was meant to redress the damage of slavery to the black community

Census Projections to 2100
The raw numbers

Al Bartlett Articles
A collection from the emeritus professor, famous for his unique lecture explaining the dynamics and mathematics of population growth.

History of America
Comic strip sprawl by R. Crum

Sierra Club Parody Site
A disappointed environmentalist objects to the political correctness which has come to rule the once-honorable organization.

Immigration Quotes
Excellent one-liners (and longer) from FAIR

Booknotes Interview with Peter Brimelow
The author of Alien Nation on C-SPAN

Time to Rethink Immigration?
Peter Brimelow's 1992 National Review article begins with a literary allusion involving Dante's Inferno and the INS, continuing with a hellish vision of the current policy and how it came to be.

THE online horror show about overpopulation, including immigration, the oil-based world economy, neo-Malthusians, food, ecology, climate change, anarchy, disease, topsoil loss, limits to growth, environmental breakdown, etc. (Clearly a must-read for information masochists.)

CIA World FactBook
Country maps and statistics. Your tax dollars at work — usefully, for once.

The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau
Roy Beck's 1994 Atlantic Magazine article about the breakdown of community in Wausau, Wisconsin, remains one of the best. Beginning with a few Southeast Asia refugees brought in by some church groups, immigration turned into a flood, changing the nature of the formerly tranquil community forever.

Beyond Earth Day
Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, is back with a book in 2002 informing us of the increasingly threatened environment. He avoids political correctness to tell us that overpopulation, both worldwide and domestic, is using up natural resources faster than they can naturally replenish.

Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores
Michelle Malkin's book is a must-read to understand how bad America's immigration anarchy has become — and dangerous.

Garrett Hardin Society
Learn more about the original thinker by sampling his unique writings. Trained as an ecologist and microbiologist and a Professor of Human Ecology at the University of California for more than thirty years, Dr. Hardin is best known for his 1968 essay, The Tragedy of the Commons. He has not been deterred by the complexity or unpopularity of issues, but has squarely confronted the human condition and its intricate connection with the natural world.

Defending America from the worst of the fifth-column Islamists, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Reveals the real agenda, namely use our laws and open society to turn America Islamic: CAIR founder Omar Ahmad states, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant."

Predatory Aliens
Criminal aliens who prey upon Americans are highlighted.