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The Murder of Kris Eggle — a remembrance from his mother

Kris Eggle There are so many people who have no idea what a horrid condition our U.S./Mexican border is in. We have visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument several times in the last few years because of Kris, Jennifer, and Amy being employees in that region. They loved being there because of all the friends and companions they had, but they also realized what challenges faced them everyday. The girls were not Law Enforcement, but sometimes had to help in traffic stops or blockages when drug runners/illegals were on the move.

Kristopher did know dangers were there. However, who can ever fathom how dangerous? These young Law Enforcement officers were not/are not protected by our own government officials and agencies. There have been numerous studies and committee reports telling about the situations getting progressively worse, but through the last 10 or more years, nothing was really acted on. Many members of The Department of the Interior,of the National Park Service, and of the government chose to close their eyes and say, "Oh, it is not that bad," or, "It is too costly to build a vehicle barrier," or whatever other excuse they could think of. I hope they can look back at their decisions and then answer my questions..."What about the cost of my son's life? What kind of a price tag can you put on Kristopher William Eggle?"

Our grassroots letter-writing campaign of requesting more L.E. officers, better radio equipment, the vehicle barrier, and using military (even on a temporary basis) is just beginning. We also are doing radio and television interviews. Our trip to D.C. was another way to get our message out. We are righteously angry, but we are not looking for revenge. We want answers and NOW! We want not only talk, but ACTION from those who can make a difference. Our son was brutally murdered and it should not have happened. It could have been avoided IF some people had cared enough. It is too late for Kristopher, but maybe not too late for his fellow friends and coworkers in all the agencies that are trying to protect the United States of America. This problem is widespread through our nation and we must be ever vigil to try to right these wrongs that have taken place.

Thank you all and God Bless America.

Bonnie Eggle,
Mother of murdered Law Enforcement Ranger Kristopher William Eggle


Other Reading..., the family website includes the newsletter of family activities, such as lobbying, and also has suggestions for activism to bring the border under control.

Bob and Bonnie Eggle Phil Donahue Show Transcript, Nov. 12, 2002 focused on the chaos on the border. Bob and Bonnie Eggle were participants, along with several others of various persuasions. It was hardly a sympathetic presentation for the idea of border enforcement, due to Donahue's hysterical manner and obvious preference for the "plight" of illegal aliens, yet the Eggle family was able to make the point that there are real and tragic costs for open borders.

A friend and co-worker of Kris Eggle remembers him.

In a Special Order speech, Rep. Tom Tancredo focuses on the horrible chaos on the border

The Eggle family traveled to Washington to support Rep. Tancredo and his insistence on genuine border enforcement. Bonnie Eggle, the victim's mother, asked simply, "How can you continue to protect borders all over the world, but not our own?"

Arizona Park "Most Dangerous" in the U.S.
The National Geographic alerts its readers to the sad state of America's border parklands, which have become a national sacrifice zone to violent anarchy due to the government's refusal to protect the border.

Desert Invasion — Organ Pipe considers the environmental damage from illegal immigration to the desert parks. The articles page is a thorough overview of a problem you won't hear discussed by the Sierra Club, and contains several articles about the Eggle murder.

Terry Anderson's Kris Eggle Page
South Central LA's own talk show hero has an informative web site with a selection of articles about Kris Eggle. (Don't miss Terry's Sunday night radio program program, with a voice of sanity about immigration: you can listen online.)

Bloodshed at the border: Not "Headline News"
Michelle Malkin notes the lack of coverage by mainstream media of the Eggle murder, while there was plenty of filler about Hollywood hijinks during the same period.

Arizona site of killing rated as most dangerous
The National Park Rangers Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police for the last two years has ranked the location as the most dangerous national park in which to work. The lodge cited "international drug trafficking, inflow of illegal aliens and a workforce that is understaffed to safely manage the problem."

In December 2002, a Congressional delegation of four members from Arizona visited the troubled border region. The best they could offer was the possibility of a fence for Organ Pipe Park and some federal funding for border hospitals strapped by the burden of healthcare for illegal aliens. Just a few days later, a Los Angeles Times article appeared, noting that more than $50 million would be spent on a series of 177 border checkpoints to be operated by 12,000 guards "to slow the flow of illicit drugs, terrorists and contraband" — in Afghanistan.

Remembering Kris Eggle
Dave Foley, Kris' high school track coach, fondly remembers him as a young runner, in particular Kris' outstanding sportmanship and generosity.

The Death of a Ranger Shows Venerable Job's New Hazards
The Wall Street Journal weighed in on border issues with an article highlighting how the job of park ranger has changed for the worse. The nation's rangers are more likely to be assaulted than any other federal law-enforcement officers. In fact, in 2001 assaults on park rangers were double those of the next category. Kris Eggle is noted as someone who wanted to protect the park from the destruction of the constant drug traffickers passing through.

Coming to America: A Walk in the Park
This news report has both text and the video version included, which shouldn't be missed for the night-vision pictures of huge numbers of aliens trooping through border parks. One of the stronger examples of journalism from a major network on this subject.

Law Loses Out at U.S. Parks
The Los Angeles Times presents a very thorough exposition of the state of anarchy within the nation's border parks, and includes a top ten list of most dangerous parks.

Still tense at Organ Pipe
This article has nice photos and graphics as well as covering the subject well. Ranger Julie Horne is the focus of the dangers faced on a daily basis in the park, which has a 31-mile boundary that doubles as the US-Mexican border. Ranger Horne faces hundreds of illegal aliens on every shift, though she is well armed and has a high-quality vest.

In Honor of Kris and Bob Eggle
Tom Tancredo gave a five-minute tribute on the House floor March 5, 2003, to the two men of the Eggle family who have sacrificed much and all to protect this nation. In mid-May 2003 the Eggle family travelled to Washington to memorialize Kris when Congress voted to rename the Organ Pipe welcoming facility the Kris Eggle Visitors' Center.

Porous U.S. Border A 'War Zone'
Shown on CBS on Memorial Day 2003, this segment provides an update to the situation on the border in Organ Pipe. The link includes the video of the broadcast piece.