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We often hear that "immigrants only come here to work" but that sentimental fluff ignores the obvious truth — that to a crime-minded foreigner, America is the full refrigerator of his dreams. The material riches, combined with many Americans' naivete when it comes to crime, make this nation easy pickings for the lowlifes of the world.

Making alien crime even easier is the refusal of some Americans to recognize national break-in as a problem worth pursuing. Some cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have even given illegal immigration semi-legitimacy under the policy of sanctuary, under which police are not permitted to ask about a person's immigration status. Such foolishness hobbles normal police activity and ignores how serious criminals are sometimes found through traffic checks and other routine acts of everyday law enforcement.

Worth a look is the FBI Most Wanted pages. There is a list of Most Wanted Terrorists, unsurprisingly headed by UBL. The traditional Top Ten List of Most Wanted is there, along with a monthly selection of bad criminals. The proportion of foreigners is certainly above their percentage of the population. The September 2003 list of 18 wanted fugitives includes five Americans, 10 Mexican nationals and three other foreign nationalities (Iraq, Colombia, Somalia).


Resendez Ramirez - Railroad Killer •   Angel Maturino Resendez, AKA Angel Resendez, Rafael Ramirez or simply "the Railroad Killer" was one of America's most frightening serial killers because of the random nature of his victims. A railroad hobo, he rode the rails through the central area of America and killed at least nine people as he hopped on and off trains. What is additionally disturbing beyond the brutality of his stabbings and bludgeonings was that he was in police custody several times during his crime spree. But the nonexistent tracking of the INS allowed him to get away with having several identities and use them to keep a step ahead of law enforcement. Resendez was finally apprehended in 1999. The case was so shocking that Michelle Malkin devoted a chapter to it in her book Invasion.

Hadayet - LAX Shooter •   Hesham Mohamed Hadayat went to the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport on July 4, 2002, and proceeded to open fire, killing two and injuring three others. He was shot down by a security guard. Despite the obvious connection between an Israeli airline and a Muslim killer, the government refused to call it a terrorist act. Hadayet was an immigrant from Egypt who lived here illegally for a time and was considered for deportation by the INS, but he later got lucky when his wife won a diversity visa. Not so lucky for his murder victims, however, one of whom was going to get an engagement ring from her boyfriend on the next day. Hadayet's widow apparently refused to accept his guilt for the crime, but if he did do it, then it was the fault of America. "He is a victim of injustice," she said. "In America, they hate Islam and Arabs after Sept. 11."
FBI Update: Curiously, after numerous statements from the FBI and other national law enforcement organizations that Hadayat was not a terrorist, on April 12, 2003, the FBI and Justice Department issued a statement saying that the shooting at LAX fit "the definition of terrorism."

Lee Malvo - Washington sniper •   Lee Malvo was evidently the trigger man for the series of shootings in fall of 2002 in the Washington region that killed 10 people and terrorized a huge area for weeks. Young Malvo came to this country with his mother as an illegal alien stowaway, and as such, should have been immediately returned to his native Jamaica according to law. But the INS is often more concerned with saving money on jail costs than protecting the public, so Lee Malvo was released into America to do as he wished. Also, Bill O'Reilly found evidence that a local immigrants' rights group inserted its influence to have Malvo set free rather than be deported. Not that the young man was an obvious candidate to be a serial killer, but with a quarter of federal prisoners being illegal aliens, the problem of alien criminals is serious and often overlooked by sentimental propaganda like, "They only come here to work."

Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez •   Just how sloppy is America's immigration system? Well, an illegal alien worked in two White Houses. Shown at the left is Salvador Martinez-Gonzalez with Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynn. (A similar photo of Martinez-Gonzalez with President Clinton also exists.) The Mexican national worked for a company that sets up outdoor social functions at the White House. Everyone who comes into close contact with the President in the White House is supposed to be checked over by the Secret Service. As columnist Mark Steyn noted, CNN's Candy Crowley had to undergo a six-month background check in order to get her White House press pass. In a time of war and terrorism, the idea that an illegal alien is moving freely among the nation's leaders is unsettling, to say the least. Martinez-Gonzalez was indicted in January 2003 on charges of illegal re-entry into the United States and possession of false documents.

Maximiliano Esparza •   Maximiliano Esparza is another violent criminal allowed to run loose in the United States with horrific results — the rape and murder of a nun in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Sister Helen Chaska was found strangled and dead with her rosary beads lodged in her neck. Another nun was raped where the nuns were walking along a bike path. As an illegal alien, Esparza should have been deported in 1992 after serving a prison term for kidnapping and robbery in Los Angeles, however there is no record of the Salvadoran being deported so presumably he was merely released into the community from prison. Esparza was also arrested in 2002 prior to the murders, but was released by the INS in violation of the law which requires that criminal aliens with long rap sheets are supposed to be investigated. One report shows that he used seven different aliases.
Sentencing Update: In early April 2003, Esparza was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The case was a plea bargain, partially to prevent the necessity for the surviving nun to testify.

Ingmar Guandique •   For a time Ingmar Guandique was considered a possible suspect in the murder of Chandra Levy, because he had attacked women when they were jogging in Washington's Rock Creek Park where her body was discovered. In fact, he was easy for police to question since he was already in jail, sentenced to 10 years for the violent attacks on two women plus a home burglary. Interestingly, even though there was a media firestorm over the Levy disappearance with a mind-deadening amount of superfluous detail, the mainstream press did not bother to mention that Mr. Guandique entered the country illegally. Like so many others, he benefited from the willingness of the INS and courts to engage in "catch and release," a practice more suitable to fly fishing than immigrant enforcement.

Biswanath Halder •   The case of accused murderer Biswanath Halder brings up questions about legal immigration and whether failed assimilation is creating social time bombs. Halder is a naturalized US citizen, who immigrated from India as a 28-year-old adult in 1969 and became a citizen 11 years later. He was arrested for the murder of student Norman Wallace when Halder entered Case Western Institute of Technology on an apparent mission of revenge against another member of the university community whom Halder believed had hacked into his website. Halder held 140 people hostage in the campus building for seven hours before he was shot and captured by police.
   Halder was obviously psychologically disturbed for a long time: Even though Halder had a degree in engineering, he began receiving Social Security checks in the late 1980s for his "disabilities." He sued several companies for not hiring him, starting in 1990. He sued Case University over his website allegedly being hacked by a Case employee, but the suit was recently thrown out of court, a possible motive for the rampage. Was Halder someone with an obvious psychological problem when he originally applied to enter the US and never should have been admitted in the first place? Did a failure of cultural assimilation magnify a personality disorder into something much more dangerous? In 1993, he wrote, "The only thing I had in my mind when I created the Asian Indian Network was to serve my fellow countrymen," hardly the sentiments of an assimilated immigrant. Media interest in this case got up and died as soon as it was discovered that the shooter was not a white gun nut, and these sorts of questions have not been asked.

Juan Casillas •   The case of Juan Manuel Casillas exemplifies everything that's reprehensible about Mexico's refusal to extradite. In 1999 Casillas shot and killed two teenaged cousins on their way to high school because one of the girls, Olivia Munguia, had broken up with him. Casillas easily escaped from Van Nuys into Mexico. Los Angeles County District Attorney' office worked diligently for two years to bring back the killer for trial, even agreeing not to pursue a death penalty. But Mexico refused to cooperate. In frustration and anger, Saul Zavala, the father of the other murdered girl, Jessica Zavala, traveled to Mexico with a gun in his jeans to find his own rough justice.
   Finally, the Mexican government tried Casillas and sentenced him to 60 years in jail, just half of what Saul Zavala had hoped. To add to the insult, the father was not notified of the sentencing and found out the result nearly a month later. Worse, there's no guarantee that Casillas will serve his full sentence: Mexico has released other dangerous criminals after just a couple years in jail. For example, a man who killed a 17-year-old boy in Los Angeles was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison. He served only two years and later returned to the area.

Israel Cebrera Pulido •   Israel Cebrera Pulido was found guilty of a particularly heinous crime — brutally murdering Eugenia and Sabato Russo, an elderly couple who owned a popular restaurant in North Hollywood, the Sabatino Italian Bakery. Pullido, described as a Mexican national, had apparently been part of a day-laborer crew that did some floor work at the couple's home. He returned on November 22, 2000, when he proceeded to rob and kill the two in a horrific manner, breaking off a knife blade in the skull of Sabato Russo and caving in Eugenia Russo's head with a wooden closet rod. A juror at the trial said the jury could have found Pulido guilty in five minutes, but examined the defense's arguments for four hours to be fair. In the end Pulido was found guilty of robbery, burglary and multiple murders with special circumstances, and was sentenced to life without parole. This case should be a warning against bringing day laborers into one's home to have some work done cheaply, since the final cost may be very high indeed.

Enrique Alvarez •   From this man's various aliases, Enrique Alvarez has been the one settled on for the time being. He is a kidnapper who stalked a nine-year-old girl in San Jose, California, and snatched her from her home even though her mother and brother tried to fight off the intruder. The little girl fought back while Alvarez held her hostage and raped her several times. He finally relented after a couple days and released her. Since Alvarez is an illegal alien, it is not yet known whether he has a history of child sex abuse. He physically resisted being fingerprinted by the police, so it's likely that he has a criminal record of some length.
    Trial Update: There was some dispute for a time that the accused rapist, now known as David Montiel Cruz, was insufficiently intelligent — public defender Carl Beatty said Cruz has an IQ of 58 — or was too mentally disturbed to stand trial. But a jury has found him competent enough to be tried. A preliminary hearing held Oct. 24 revealed how much presence of mind the victim, now aged 10, had during the time she was held. She helped police enormously in arresting the suspect because she could describe minute details about her imprisonment, such as the cell phone number used to order a pizza and the number 70 on a violet-trimmed house where she was kept.
    Cruz faces more than 100 years in prison if he is convicted on all charges, which include burglary, sexual assault and kidnapping.

Armando Garcia WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Armando Garcia is another of the numerous murderers, more than 60 from Los Angeles County alone, taking refuge in Mexico. He shot down LA County deputy sheriff David March in cold blood on April 29, 2002, and then quickly escaped to Mexico. Garcia was a meth dealer who had been deported three times and had attempted murder twice previously. He had sworn to shoot any police officer who tried to arrest him, and he did just that with several shots from a 9mm: David March died a short time later. Teri March, his widow, has been struggling to force the Mexican government to hand over Garcia. But Mexico stubbornly refuses to extradite all but minor criminals because of its objections to capital punishment and life imprisonment. Teri March has a website about the case, with more details about the issue of Mexico's protection of criminals, actions to take and remembrances of Deputy March.

Simio •   The story of gang-banger Simio, told in the book True Tales from Another Mexico, is instructive to those who wonder about the Mexican gangsters on American streets and how they came to get here. He made the common immigrant pilgrimage from Michoacan to the United States, but Simio did not come here to work, but to rob. Upon arriving in a nondescript Los Angeles suburb, his reaction was, "I saw there were all kinds of chances to steal." He also discovered crack while in the US, which was a good fit with his chosen profession of thief. His normal routine was to rob two houses during the day and one at night which fed his thousand-dollar-a-day drug habit. He returned to Mexico after three months in juvenile detention with exhortations for the homeboys to get more serious about their gangstering. "I woke those boys up," Simio reported. "They were all asleep. They didn't have the urge to rob. They weren't stealing anything." In time, some of those young men would make the journey to America, already trained in thievery, drug use and gang behavior.

Dos Reis •   Saul Dos Reis is every modern parent's worst nightmare: the 24-year-old Brazilian national contacted a 13-year-old girl, Christina Long of Danbury, Connecticut, in an internet chat room, met her for sex and killed her, supposedly strangling her during rough sex. He then drove around for an hour with her body in his car, finally dumping Long's body in Greenwich. Dos Reis sent her computer a long email the next day to establish an alibi, trying to create the appearance that the sixth-grader was still alive and he expected to see her again.
   The internet aspect of this case has gotten a lot of media attention, and rightly so: the dangers posed by insufficiently supervised online activity by children are very real. However, the human carnage perpetrated by criminal aliens has been little considered in the media and by Congress. Dos Reis is a predator who should not have been in this country to pursue children for sex. He was sentenced May 6, 2003, to 30 years in jail. He will be sentenced in federal court in a few months time for the charges of crossing state lines to have sex with a minor.
   Incidentally, in researching this story, IHC discovered that prisoner Saul Dos Reis is on the internet again, looking for a pen pal, "a woman with a good heart that loves to write and that is not afraid of being herself." In his list of self-descriptions, he says that he is in jail for "Assault 2nd" — with no mention that he strangled a 13-year-old girl to death.
   At his federal court sentencing on September 8, 2003, Saul Dos Reis was handed an additional 25 years in jail for traveling across state lines to engage in sex with a minor.

Raul Gonzalez WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Raul Ortiz Gonzalez is another of the many violent creatures let loose on innocent children by border anarchy and permissive interior enforcement of immigration. An illegal alien from Mexico, he is accused of shaking two-year-old toddler Mariella De Luna to death as a result of internal head injuries, specifically hemorrhaging to the brain and retinas. Gonzalez was the unemployed live-in boyfriend of the child's mother. The crime occurred in Franklin, Indiana, demonstrating that violent crimes by illegal aliens are no longer just the problem of southwestern states. Local police have been unable to find Gonzalez and believe he may have escaped to Mexico.

Adrian George Camacho •   Adrian George Camacho is an accused cop killer, arrested for shooting Oceanside, California, police officer Tony Zeppetella during a routine traffic stop. Camacho is an illegal alien who has been deported several times over the last decade. He got his start in the Mesa Locos gang. Court records show he pleaded guilty to four felonies between 1993-99, including drug and weapons crimes, fleeing from a traffic stop and participation in a drive-by shooting. After shooting Zeppetella in a credit union parking lot, Camacho escaped in the officer's squad car to the house of his ex-wife's parents, where it took a four-hour stand-off for police to arrest the killer. He is being held without bail and could be eligible for the death penalty.

Samuel Avalos Gallardo WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Samuel Avalos Gallardo is an escaped convict and illegal alien. Driving at three times the legal limit for blood alcohol, he drove in the wrong lane and struck head-on a car driven by 18-year-old Gary Selby, which killed him and severely injured his three passengers. One year later, in 1993, Gallardo was found guilty in the DUI death of Gary Selby and for the serious injury to the other passengers, for which Gallardo was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. Because of a terrible mistake by the Nevada Department of Corrections, Gallardo was placed in minimum security incarceration despite being a dangerous criminal and someone who could easily escape to Mexico. He did escape after only six months in jail and remains at large. The Selby family still hopes that he will be recaptured to serve out his sentence to give them some peace of mind.

Priest Kelvin Iguabita •   Priest Kelvin Iguabita is facing a long prison term for the rape of a child. He was convicted of raping 15-year-old Faith Johnston who worked in the rectory of the Haverhill, Massachusetts, Catholic Church, where he served as assistant pastor. Faith has suffered panic attacks and attempted suicide, but she wanted to come forward and speak out openly now that she is 18 to confront the rapist priest and see him stopped. Superior Court Judge Richard Welsh sentenced the man to 12-14 years in prison, a longer term than the prosecutor requested, and remarked to Iguabita, "She comes to you with her problems and you respond with a series of calculated sexual assaults. It's difficult to conceive of a greater abuse of a position of trust." Iguabita will be deported to Columbia at the end of his prison term.

Drunk driving killer Edgar Vasquez-Hernandez •   Edgar Vasquez-Hernandez is facing only a few decades in prison for destroying a young family, killing father Shawn Marti (24) and baby Sage (5 months), and putting mother Natalie into a coma for two weeks. According to court records, Vasquez-Hernandez was driving drunk and drinking Mad Dog 20/20 wine in his pickup. The degree of intoxication has not yet been released, but it must have been substantial judging by descriptions of the accident: the accident occurred when he drove his truck eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 84, resulting in the horrific head-on crash.
   In July, the Idaho Statesman named this case as an example of how criminal aliens are released back into American communities when they should be deported. Illegal alien Vasquez-Hernandez had been jailed briefly for petty theft and was sentenced to 90 days but served only three days, after which he went free. In February 2002, federal agent J. Kent Nygaard warned his superiors that permissive enforcement policies for criminal aliens were endangering the lives of Americans.

Jorge Lopez-Orozco WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Jorge Lopez-Orozco is on the FBI wanted list for the murder of girlfriend Rebecca Ramirez and her two sons, and the agency has offered a $5,000 reward for him. Evidently she had broken off the relationship with Lopez-Orozco and he reponded by shooting the three to death, then dumping their bodies in a car which he set on fire. Local officials believe that he has escaped to Mexico and traveled there with his wife and three children. The FBI notes that the fugitive should be considered armed and dangerous.
    This case was another cited by federal agent J. Kent Nygaard when he warned INS officials that immigration law non-enforcement was putting Americans at risk. He remarked, "Lopez-Orozco had been incarcerated in the Mountain Home, Idaho, jail prior to the murders, but was released with no intervention from INS because he did not fall in one of the categories of criminals that the INS is interested in."

Adan Morales •   As lawbreakers go, Adan Morales of Gervais, Oregon, is a lightweight, particularly in comparison to some of the monsters described on this page. However, his story is enlightening in several respects and is worth examining. He came in 1987 (presumably illegally — attracted by the amnesty the previous year?) when he was 18 from Oaxaca where he had never driven. But he was soon driving his relatives to work in the agricultural Willamette Valley with no insurance. He racked up $3,000 in traffic tickets and avoided other fines by giving police a false name. But these days, Morales is an upstanding member of the community, with a wife, children and car insurance. Oh, and he's no longer laboring in the fields: he's a welder now and can afford those annoying insurance payments. He's achieved the American dream with a fair amount of cheating but is now a firm believer in following the law, at least the category pertaining to traffic.
    IHC has noticed that there is a continuing demand for cheap, exploitable agricultural labor and wonders what happened to the people who picked the crops last year. Apparently not all Mexicans are interested in making a career of agricultural labor, so they move on out of those picking jobs when they can, and into more lucrative work, for example the skilled trades like Adan Morales did. A study by the Urban Institute showed that foreign farm workers remain in the fields for an average of 10 years, and further noted that "seasonal farm labor market is best thought of as a revolving door that attracts 200,000 to 400,000 new foreigners each year." The constant influx of foreign workers into construction and other trades has created a predictable downward pressure on wages for American workers, when they can survive with jobs at all.

Bayardo Rafael Chamorro •   Bayardo Rafael Chamorro is another terrible example of how the worst criminal aliens are released from law enforcement custody to harm Americans again and again. Chamorro was caught on tape groping a 12-year-old girl in a Sears store in Miami, and a sharp-eyed security guard zoomed the camera in to catch the repulsive detail, which made it clear that the contact was no accidental bump. Chamorro's previous arrests include lewd and lascivious acts on a child via the internet, seven counts of sexual offense against a minor and driving under the influence. At the time of his arrest 7/17/03, the Nicaraguan had been on probation for molesting a child under 16. New stories also note that a "hold" has been placed on him by federal immigration authorities — generally an indication of an illegal alien. So why was this habitual criminal been allowed to remain in the United States to prey upon children?

Benjamin Osorio-Santiago •   "Hi! My name is Benjamin Osorio-Santiago and I'm an illegal alien, here to steal an American job!"
    This fellow is obviously pleased with his new matricula identification card which allows him access to banks, libraries and other institutions, both governmental and private. The ID card is part of Mexico's aggressive strategy to transfer millions more Mexicans into the United States, all the better to keep the easy money of immigrant remittances coming in, now the second-highest source of foreign cash in the country.
    Now young Benjamin doen't look like a stone-cold killer, like many of the criminals described on this page, but he breaking the law nevertheless. IHC is guessing that, in addition to violating a federal statute, he may have gotten a job by using a fake Social Security number, a felony punishable by five years in prison.

Honorio Martinez •   Honorio Martinez looks a little the worse for wear in this photo. The reason is connected with his crime and apprehension in West Palm Beach, Florida. He hit and killed 3-year-old Armante Williams when the child darted into the street. When Martinez saw the state of the boy he had just struck with his car, he remarked that he had no license and moved to escape. As he drove off, more than a dozen men, friends of the boy's father, ran after Martinez. They caught him in half a block, a proceeded to beat him up.
    Martinez is an example of another problem caused by illegal immigration, increased hit-and-run accidents. For example, Bridgeton, New Jersey, has a high number of illegal aliens, estimated to be 6,000 to 10,000 in a town which has an official population of 22,771. From Jan.1 to August, the community has had 235 traffic accidents, 139 of them hit-and-runs — 59 percent. In California, the percent who flee the scene of an accident is the highest in the nation. Of course, many of the perps run because they are illegal aliens.

Reynaldo Elias Rapalo •   It was big news in South Florida when Reynaldo Elias Rapalo was arrested in Little Miami on Sept. 19. After all, the community was anxious to capture the serial rapist who had been eluding law enforcement for a year. Rapalo's victims range in age from an 11-year-old girl to a woman of 79. All of the man's seven victims were home alone when he struck. Rapalo is an illegal alien from Honduras.
    Despite the generous donation of 100 billboards with a police sketch and an advertised reward of $25,000 for the rapist's capture, it was good police work on the part of one cop that caught the man. An officer patrolling Little Havana, Sgt. William Golding, was alerted when a car drove past matching the rapist's vehicle. When the driver averted his eyes, the police officer was sure he had his man and arrested Rapalo. However, the police department had arrested the man several times for fairly serious charges, yet he was released into the community rather than deported. This report reveals that Rapalo originally entered the country on a seaman's 29-day visa in January 2000, and accumulated some documents on the basis of that. Even though Rapalo was held twice in Dade County jail, no one there noticed that he had been illegally in the country for two years. Janelle Hall from the Department of Corrections remarked, "We are in the corrections business — we don't forward names routinely to immigration. That's not our responsibility."
    Also curious is how such an obviously dangerous man was able to slide for so long. Neighbors say he routinely shouted vulgarities at women walking by. He sexually harassed another man's wife. An ex-girlfriend accused him of coming after her with a hammer. He was arrested for fondling a 10-year-old girl. Just how much misogyny is considered normal in Hispanic society?

Genaro Espinosa Dorantes WANTED FUGITIVE •   Genaro Espinosa Dorantes is something of a criminal celeb: he is one of the few who make it to the FBI's Most Wanted list, where his mugshot and description first appeared in August 2003. He is accused of burning, torturing and murdering his four-year-old stepson. A Nashville jogger found the child's body where it had been dumped in a local park. Dorantes may be traveling with his girlfriend and the murdered boy's mother, Martha Cano Patlan, who is also sought by authorities in connection with the gruesome killing. Police believe that they may have escaped to Mexico using a network of illegal aliens because Dorantes has worked as a smuggler. A native of Hidalgo, Mexico, Dorantes is considered armed and dangerous; there is a reward of $50,000 offered for information leading to his capture.
    Wanted Fugitive Update: Officials stated in late November that he may be in New Mexico or Texas, and emphasized again how dangerous he is. They say he may still be traveling with his girlfriend Martha Cano and with her 8-year-old daughter Mariana Cisneros and their 15-month old son Edgardo Espinosa.

Ipolito Campos •   Illegal alien Ipolito Campos (shown here being loaded into a sheriff's van) was sentenced September 17 to 22 years in prison for the attempted murder of Virginia State Trooper Howard A. Chambers in February. Officer Chambers suffered nerve damage and still has 25 pieces of metal in his body from Campos' sawed-off shotgun. The crime occurred when the FBI raided Campos' apartment on a tip that he had threatened to poison the water supply. Prosecutors argued that Campos should have been sentenced to a term longer that federal guidelines recommend because he lied on the witness stand and tried to blame police for what happened. U.S. Attorney Michael Smythers remarked, "The experience of police officers in this matter is taken cavalierly by the defense. This was traumatic and horrible. The police have a very difficult role, and they don't get the most remuneration for it."
    Campos' defense argued for mercy using a videotape of friends and family in Veracruz. "Oh, why did I let him leave my house?" his wife wailed. Another friend said he tried to convince Campos not to go because he had no marketable skills.

Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez WANTED FUGITIVE •   Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez admitted to falling asleep and running his Oldsmobile into the family car belonging to the Inman family of Woodstock, Georgia, as it sat at a stoplight. Harrell-Gonzalez' speedometer was stuck at 62 mph, and the crash was very powerful, killing 16-year-old Dustin Inman instantly and seriously injuring his parents Kathy and Billy. Kathy was permanently crippled and remains in a wheelchair.
    After the accident, Harrell-Gonzalez, an illegal alien, complained of stomach pains and was taken to a local hospital without being arrested. He escaped from there and remains at large, wanted for vehicular homicide, serious injury by a vehicle and reckless driving.

Jorge Duran •   Illegal alien Jorge Guevara Duran was arrested in Los Angeles carrying the identification of David Pineda of Pickerington, Ohio, on October 21. The capture was a rare win in the crime of identity theft, a growing problem in the United States. Pineda has lived through years of major irritation, from mistaken arrests to not being allowed to refinance his house because of ruined credit. Pineda was lucky that Duran was also a child molester, which motivated the U.S. Marchals to pursue the criminal with particular zeal, eventually resulting in his arrest.
    Unsurprisingly, high illegal immigration states are the worst affected by identity theft: the District of Columbia has the highest per capita rate of ID theft, followed by California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida. The Federal Trade Commission received 161,819 complaints of identity theft in 2002. The crime is the top complaint on the government's list of most frequent consumer frauds for the third year in a row.

Hector Frausto •   Hector Frausto escaped October 28 from a Raleigh, NC, jail. The illegal alien was being held on charges of statutory rape and kidnapping an 11-year-old girl in 1999 from a bus stop on her way to school. He took Dana Pevia, who was already pregnant, to Mexico where she had two children before she was able to escape with the help of a neighbor earlier this year. This was after a four-year imprisonment in the home of Frausto's parents and the theft of the girl's childhood. Sheriff Hubert Peterkin remarked about Frausto, "This guy is dangerous." Evidently Dana and her mom Wanda Pevia agree, since they have gone into hiding since learning of the jailbreak. Mrs. Pevia said that Frausto threatened to kill her and take Dana back to Mexico.
    As IHC mentioned when discussing Dana Pevia on the crime victims' page, it is very curious that she was never found at the Frausto parents house — did anyone in Mexican law enforcement ever look? Police learn early on in their training that fugitives will often go to their parents to hide out, since the price is right.
    Capture Update: Hector Frausto had only about a week of freedom after his escape from a North Carolina jail. He was captured along with two other fellow escapees on Nov. 4 in Cobb County Georgia.

Lakireddy Bali Reddy •   It looks like the interminable Reddy family saga is finally about to end with the plea bargain of the last son. Clan daddy Lakireddy Bali Reddy is being included on this page even though not an illegal alien himself, he brought in numerous illegals fraudulently using H-1b visas as a cover to bring in dozens of Indians to work as near-slaves in his various businesses in Berkeley, California — he was the city's largest landlord and is worth approximately $50 million. His profitable scheme came crashing down when one of two teenaged sisters he bought in his home town died as a result of a faulty heater in one of the many sub-standard apartments he owned.
    The girls, aged 15 and 17, were kept quite busy. When they weren't doing repairs on rental properties, they were providing for Mr. Reddy's sexual desires. The older girl, the one who died, was found to be pregnant. When the case went to trial, the Reddy team of lawyers tried to convince the jury that treating women and girls like dirt is perfectly normal in Indian society and that the defendant should be cut major slack on that account — the famous cultural defense. They jury wasn't having any and found him guilty, and he was later sentenced to eight years in prison and a $2 million fine.

Gustavo DeJesus Cuello •   Gustavo DeJesus Cuello is one of the many depressing pedophile priests we have come to know in the last couple years. Cuello was brought from Colombia to Tyler, Texas, in 1995 by the Catholic Diocese to minister to the Hispanic community in a church built for them. He cultivated the trust of a Colombian family which included a 13-year-old alter girl, whom he forced to have sex in the church office of Our Lady of Guadalupe for a period of about six months. He was arrested and released on bond, largely collected by supportive parishioners, and fled the U.S. in 1997. When he was captured six years later in Ecuador, he was married and working a job in the private sector.
    Another disturbing aspect to this case is the additional abuse heaped on the victim by some of the parishioners. The young woman, now 21, has been harassed by some church-goers as to blame for the crime. Maria Zavala testified on behalf of the good character of Cuello, saying "If this happened in my family, I'd be ashamed of my kids." Anabel Flores also testified, saying, "I don't consider him (Cuello) a child molester. She did it because she wanted to." The victim's family actually filed a complaint with Tyler police, complaining of the harassment.
    But the victim got the last laugh in this instance. After Cuello rejected the judge's sentence of 50 years imprisonment, he asked that a jury determine the sentence: he got life in prison. The young woman thanked the jury: "After seven years, I can finally live in peace because this monster is going away."

Jaime Saide •   Jaime Saide is not an illegal alien, nor is he even an immigrant, but even so, he deserves special attention on this page because of his willful inflammation of a sensitive issue. The Northwestern University communications student was charged Nov. 17 for fabricating a hate crime, namely felony disorderly conduct for filing false police reports. He told police and university authorities that someone held a knife up to his throat and threatened "Spic, we didn't run away this time" — an event that never happened. Saide also wrote threatening notes of a racist nature and sent them to himself, as well as scrawling "Die, spic" on a wall near his dorm room. He appeared at a campus anti-hate rally as an important speaker. But the hateful experiences he complained about were merely creations of his own mind.
    Saide said that he "wanted to do something to motivate minority students." He also gleaned a lot of sympathetic attention as a victim on campus. At the same time, there are apparently genuine anti-Semitic hate crimes at Northwestern, from which Mr. Saide's little petulance distracted. As Evanston Police Chief Frank Kaminski remarked, "I become real upset when childish pranks divert police resources away from ongoing police investigations. And legitimate concerns regarding public safety in this community." A letter in the campus newspaper calls Saide the real hate perpetrator because his actions conform to Northwestern handbook's definition of a hate crime, that he inflicted emotional damage to a "person or persons because of such person's race" through "an act of conduct, speech or expression to which a bias motive is evident as a contributing factor."
    For an interesting experiment in the prevalence of bogus hate crimes, click on a Google search for
        "hate crime" fraud OR fake OR hoax
to see how many thousands of files result. The many proven instances of hate crime fraud indicate that each accusation should be considered individually and carefully, with a healthy measure of skepticism. IHC realizes there are many instances of the genuine article, but notes that fraud is by no means a rarity.

Walter Alexander Sorto •   Walter Alexander Sorto is another disturbing case of an illegal alien with an obvious propensity toward crime who was not deported by authorities when they should have. Instead, the Salvadoran was allowed to remain and he murdered two Houston women in the interim. Sorto kidnapped, sexually attacked and killed Roxana Capulin and Maria Moreno Rangel who worked waiting tables in an East End restaurant. Police also believe he may have been involved in the kidnapping of 13-year-old Laura Ayala, (see more about her on the crime victims page).
    Sorto was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, but was given 10 years probation instead of jail time even though he was an illegal alien with a prior record then. He should have been deported at the time but was not. He and two other men engaged in a crime spree around Houston for several months: the group was called the "monsters of the barrio" who left at least six dead in their wake. The jury found Sorto guilty and sent him to death row for his crimes. Diane Clements, a crime victims advocate, asked "What if the INS had done its job?"

Arturo Palafox Santos WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Arturo Santos is another of the growing number of illegal alien hit-and-run criminals on the lam. He is accused of striking 77-year-old Lynn Fong in a Reno crosswalk on Nov. 4, knocking the older man 50 feet which resulted in his death the following day. Santos immediately abandoned his truck and fiance in the passenger seat to escape. The fiance later told police that Santos fled because he is an illegal alien.
    Santos is described as a Hispanic male, 21 years old, 5'10" and 150 pounds. His father lives in Quincy, Washington, and his mother lives in Sinaloa, Mexico.
    Nevada is the nation's fastest-growing state, largely fueled by immigration, although quite a number of Californians have fled there to escape Mexifornication. In the previous decade, more than 800,000 people were added to the state, a number higher than its total population in 1980. The INS estimate more than 100,000 illegals reside in Nevada, and immigration-impacted states appear to correlate with high percentages of fatal hit and run accidents.

Jose Guillermo Alvarado •   Jose Guillermo Alvarado pleaded guilty in January 2004 to child molestation in Montgomery County Virginia. In 1998, the illegal alien Salvadoran had been deported from the same place for a similar crime. Sentencing was scheduled for March. He apparently used the Temporary Protected Status available to Salvadorans to remain in the country.
    The Washington Times used Alvarado's case to criticize local governments, e.g. Montgomery County, which allow the use of bogus matricula cards and practice sanctuary policy which is a free pass for crime. "Illegal immigrants are responsible for much of the violent crime in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston and Austin," the editorial noted. It also quoted from Heather MacDonald's important article, The Illegal Alien Crime Wave, that "in Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants."
    The paper recommends the passage of Rep. Norwood's Clear Law Enforcement for Alien Removal Act (CLEAR) to plug the worst loopholes. CLEAR would require that state and local governments provide the Department of Homeland Security with information about illegal aliens whom police apprehend.

Four Flushing Meadow rapists •   These four men (Victor Cruz, Armando Juvenal, Jose Hernandez and Carlos Rodriguez) are illegal aliens and part of a group of about nine men who brutally gang raped a 42-year-old woman for several hours December 19, 2002, in Flushing Meadows, New York, before she was finally rescued by police canine unit. Three had been previously arrested by the New York Police Department and had lengthy arrest histories including crimes like assault, attempted robbery, criminal trespass, illegal gun possession, and drug offenses, but were not deported because of the city's sanctuary policy.
    Three of the four men were sentenced in mid-January. The victim was still too distraught to appear and testify, so the court arranged a plea deal where the criminals would receive 21-22 years in prison. The victim sent a letter which was read in court, describing the crime and her struggle with the horrific psychological and physical trauma: "I cannot explain in words and do not know what to say — the tears of pain, not being able to sleep, all my losses, not being able to go back to work and support my family, mourning of a life lost."

Jose Concepcion Lopez •   Jose Gonzalez-Lopez was arrested on May 11 in Prineville Oregon in connection with the alleged abuse of a local four-year-old girl. Police Captain Michael Boyd noted, "We're pretty certain about one victim, and we're checking on a second potential victim" who is even younger.
    Lopez, who also goes by the name of Jose Concepcion Lopez has apparently already been deported and then returned to the United States, according to a police press release. He is being held on $100,000 bail.
    The victim had been having medical problems, the police chief said, and the evidence of physical abuse came to light after a medical exam. Lopez was booked into the Crook County Jail on charges of first-degree sex abuse and unlawful sexual penetration

Chol Deng Chol •   Chol Deng Chol did not enter the United States as an illegal alien; in fact, he was welcomed as a special refugee, one of the "lost boys" about whom the press lavished adoring praise. But Chol is now 25 and is charged with raping two minor girls, aged 14 and 16, who were drinking at his apartment in Fargo. He arrived in North Dakota in 2001 and received his GED in 2003.
    When the "lost boys" appeared on the refugee viewscreen, they were great copy for sob story journalism. There is no doubt the boys suffered greatly in their long trek across Sudan fleeing civil war, and ending up in a Kenyan refugee camp. Four thousand from that camp have been relocated from that camp to the United States. The press was so eager to present a feel-good multicultural story that no one asked whether welcoming thousands of war-brutalized, parentless boys from a stone-aged culture was a good idea. Children who have experienced a lot of violence often grow into adults who react to stress in violent ways, so we shouldn't be surprised at this case.
    If Chol is found guilty, he will be deported after serving his sentence.

Ismail Peltek •   Ismail Peltek, a legal Turkish immigrant residing in a suburb near Rochester, New York, was arrested for the April 15 murder of his wife with a hammer. He also bludgeoned his daughters (aged 22 and 4), fracturing their skulls. Peltek attacked his wife and daughters after learning that his brother had molested them. According to the Middle Eastern custom of "honor killing," only murdering the females involved in any sort of untoward sexual encounter will cleanse the family's reputation, although the brother doesn't even get a harsh word.
    A Turkish-speaking Rochester police officer asked Peltak, "If you had the opportunity to kill the family again, would you?"
    "My female family, yes. My male family, no," Peltek allegedly replied.

Bend Oregon child rapists •   These three Mexicans were arrested starting on May 26 for "numerous and varying sexual assaults" of a 12-year-old girl living in Bend, Oregon. The three are Romulo Santos-Elias (21), his brother Bartolo Santos-Elias (20) and Geremias Angeles (24), all from the same town in Mexico, and were held without bail on an immigration detainer. Lt. Jim Porter promised that the men would not be deported without being tried first. He also noted that sexual predators do not generally attack only one victim, so the police are looking for others.
    Oregon state law does not permit police to ask suspects whether they are in the country legally.

Faustino Chavez •   Faustino Chavez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, has been charged in the brutal murder of Vinessa Hoera last February. Just 23, Hoera was raped and murdered in a most brutal fashion. Suffolk County Assistant DA Kerriann Kelly said, "It was a crime of severe violence, indicating hostility and hate for the person. Her neck had been cut at least five times from ear to ear. She was nearly decapitated."
    Chavez and Hoera both worked at a seafood market. When caught, Chavez confessed to the murder, saying "he had to" do it, although he pleaded not guilty at the arraignment. After killing Hoera, Chavez apparently torched her car and dumped the body on a soccer field. He was already in jail for the arson when he told Mark Hoera, the victim's father, where the body could be found. Chavez had given Hoera diamond earrings for Christmas but his interest was not returned.

Adrian Gonzalez •   Would you buy an ice cream cone from this man? Would you allow your nine-year-old child to ride around in the truck with him? The result was indicated in the shocking headline Ice cream vendor allegedly impregnates girl, 9. The girl was allegedly raped twice and has tested positive for pregnancy. Police say that the girl's mother was dating Gonzalez.
    Early reports indicated that Adrian Gonzalez was an illegal alien and may have been deported before.
    Also troubling is the fact that Gonzalez received a Tucson business license which allowed him to sell ice cream to children. The application process consisted of simply filling out a form and paying $10, with no screening or background checks.

Genario Garcia •   What kind of man would pour gasoline on a woman and three young children and then set them on fire? In this case, illegal alien Genario Garcia who murdered his girlfriend and kids, and then killed himself. Victim and mother Antigone Allen lived for a few hours with burns on 85 percent of her body before succumbing.
    She was able to tell investigators what happened. She had met with Garcia, her estranged boyfriend, the previous evening near Seattle, when they began arguing after he snorted some cocaine. They stopped at a gas station and she didn't notice that he filled a gas can and put it in the back seat. While driving, he splashed gasoline on everyone in the car and flipped on his lighter. He then shot himself. Antigone's family buried her and the children on July 17, which would have been her 19th birthday.

James Wolf and Carlos Mares •   Here's an interesting view of what goes on when there are non-English-speaking illegal aliens in our court system. On the left is James Wolf, court interpreter, with Carlos Mares, who is accused of felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter against a police officer. Mr. Wolf looks well appointed and he should: a 2000 press release from the Judicial Council of California mentioned the opportunities that changing demographics have created for court interpreters, e.g. "The current pay is $265 per day and $147 per half-day."
    Carlos Mares is going to need some nice words. He has a history of traffic arrests and is accused of running down a popular Oakland Police Department motorcycle cop, as well as having a likely collection of fraudulent documents.

Vicente Perez-Hernandez •   In case you need a reminder to keep your doors locked, remember this face, that of Vicente Perez-Hernandez. A Wheaton, Maryland, couple were awakened by the screams of their 4-year-old daughter and found the drunk, naked Guatemalan on top of her. Fortunately the parents intervened in time and the girl was not injured.
    The police believe the attacker was able to enter the second-floor apartment because the front door was left open when the father mistakenly left the door unlocked when he carried in a big load of groceries. The couple say the Guatemalan is a complete stranger. Perez-Hernandez was described by police as "recently arrived" and was jailed with a $100,000 bond.

Virginia rural gangsters - hillbangers •   The good news is that the New York Times has noticed the spreading illegal alien gang problem and the extreme violence which is shocking small town residents. The bad news is the usual West Side Story social analysis ("We're depraved on accounta we're deprived").
    The characters pictured are from the Salvadoran MS-13 gang, one of the most violent, who were arrested in Shenandoah County, Virginia, a rural location. Once MS-13 moved in, drugs became available from gang members and gang graffiti started appearing on barns and other buildings. The horrific throat-slitting murder of a young woman who was going to testify against gang members alarmed local people, who hadn't realized the demographic transformation caused by open borders had reached them, and what the change meant in terms of safety.

Marko Boskic - Bosnian war criminal •   Let's call this case a variation on a theme: here is a well known accused war criminal, Marko Boskic, who entered the United States illegally by claiming refugee status and using his own name in 2000 with no problem. The man who has been residing in Peabody, Massachusetts, is believed to be a member of a notorious execution group within the Bosnian Serb Army which killed 1200 Bosnian Muslim men in 1995. According to testimony at the Slobodan Milosevic trial in 2003, Boskic was one of eight soldiers who lined up men in Pilaca and executed them as part of the genocidal scheme of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia.
    Furthermore, it's not like Boskic was keeping a low profile. He had numerous arrests for drunk driving and assaults, but no one in local police checked up on his background. Only a tip to federal authorities led to an investigation of what Boskic was really about. Because of a "loophole" in immigration policy, the feds normally track only Nazi-era human rights violators.
    Boskic's part in the war crimes was described in a front page article in the Boston Globe in 1996, in addition to how he had threatened the reporter, the late Elizabeth Neuffer. After she tracked him down in Bosnia that year and asked him whether he had been ordered to kill the captives, Boskic responded, "Would you like to get whacked?"
    Update:September 30, 2004, Boskic was indicted for immigration fraud because he portrayed himself an an innocent refugee when he was actually a vicious war criminal.

Yuba Co. gangster - Oscar Guillen •   This strangely grinning character is the face of Mexican gang invasion into rural California. Oscar Guillen was arrested in Gridley, California, by Officer Garth Jensen during a June 2004 anti-gang sweep across several counties in which 85 officers took part. In Yuba and Sutter Counties, "Drive-by shootings, with or without injury, are practically a weekly occurrence."
    Illegal aliens gangs are no longer a problem in big cities only: the density and economic competition for drug sales in cities have driven them into formerly safe, calm areas of middle America. Gang bangers are also drawn to areas where there are already Spanish-speaking immigrants — Gridley is 39 percent Hispanic. Small towns are now defaced with gang graffiti to mark territory between Norteņos and Sureņos as well as to brag on crimes committed.
    It should be remembered how many of these violent criminals are illegal aliens. In Heather MacDonald's outstanding article "The Illegal Alien Crime Wave," she notes, "A confidential California Department of Justice study reported in 1995 that 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in southern California is illegal; police officers say the proportion is actually much greater. The bloody gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on complex drug-distribution schemes, extortion, and drive-by assassinations, and commits an assault or robbery every day in L.A. County. The gang has grown dramatically over the last two decades by recruiting recently arrived youngsters, most of them illegal, from Central America and Mexico."

Lebanese Child Sex abuser Charbel Hamaty •   The local paper had the headline "Arrest blamed on culture clash" to describe an arrest in Raleigh, North Carolina, of a Lebanese man for lewd family photos. The local Lebanese community rallied behind him, saying that Charbel Hamaty was merely being affectionate in a culturally normal way, and that "there are innocent explanations for all of this."
    Perhaps, but when Daddy kisses his infant's penis on film and has his six-year-old stepdaughter do likewise, Americans have to ask whether that is the sort of cultural norm we want to welcome. At this writing, the American-born mother is out on bond, and the kids have been taken away from the pervert family.
    Furthermore, Hamaty's work visa has expired and he has not registered with federal authorities as post-911 laws require, so he may be targeted for deportation. But that situation would be moot if he is convicted of the most serious charge and sentenced to life in prison.

Facundo •   Eustorgio Leonides Facundo is yet another poster boy for the escalation of crime which occurs when illegal alien criminals figure out how easy it is to mooch off the American system. The 25-year-old Mexican was convicted of burglary in 1999, then was deported after 16 months in detention. He showed up again in 2003 with fake IDs and got a job doing roofing in Sarasota, Florida. In April 2004 he burglarized a car and punched a woman in the face. In May, he killed 41-year-old Teresa Wright of Venice, and set the body on fire in a wooded area.
    Though he was originally charged with second-degree murder which could have put him in jail for life, the case was plea-bargained down to just manslaughter. In early September he was sentenced to the maximum for that charge, just 15 years. After he serves his time and is hopefully deported, he will be 40, with plenty of years of crime left. Who's going to keep him out of the country?

Victor Hugo Alegria-Salgado WANTED FUGITIVE   •   Victor Hugo Alegria-Salgado is not unusual among Mexican aliens who have a wife and children in both the U.S. and Mexico. Bigamy is illegal in Mexico but there is not much official interest there in the still-married women who have been financially abandoned by their husbands for greener grass up north. Alegria-Salgado is unusual in that he left his U.S.-located wife for the old one back in Mexico. He apparently was not satisfied with his Boulder, Colorado, family judging from his criminal abuse of his son. In fact Alegria-Salgado is believed to have fled to Mexico after throwing the 8-month-old across a room and fracturing some of the infant's bones. Is this what President Bush has in mind when he praises the "family values" of Mexicans?

Ho Beua •   Ho Beua is sad, and very surprised that he is being deported to Cambodia. After all, he was brought to this country as a refugee at age 14 and was treated as a special person, a victim. But unlike some refugees who have taken advantage of America's opportunities, the Seattle resident merely took advantage. He beat up his girlfriend, for which he spent four months in jail, and had several other assault charges, plus he lost his license twice for driving drunk. Since he never bothered to become a citizen, which would have prevented his deportation, the immigration laws eventually swung into effect. Beua thought that because he was legally in the U.S., deportation was not an option. Convicted felons may indeed be shown the door.

Miroslav Janusz Jozwiak •   Miroslav Janusz Jozwiak is a Polish national and resident of Daytona Beach, Florida, arrested for the criminally negligent homicide of 10 people. The tractor-trailer he was driving veered into oncoming traffic, killing 10 in two vehicles south of Sherman, Texas. Three children and their mother and grandmother were killed in an SUV that was burned beyond recognition, including the license plate. Only when the children's father, Michael Martin, drove to the scene after seeing news reports did the victims' identities become known. Five others were killed in a pickup truck, and two adults were injured.
    Jozwiak's immigration status is not mentioned, but why is someone who cannot speak English permitted to drive a tractor-trailer rig? Apparently Florida allows a commercial license to be issued when the bearer has only a passport. This kind of tragedy is what happens when states are permissive in granting licenses.
    Update: Jozwiak's sister has complained about the $2 million bond, asking "Is this the way they treat people here?" Apparently she doesn't regard the death of 10 people as a serious matter. On other fronts, police are still awaiting (10/7) the results of drug tests, and there is a possibility that he may have gotten his original Illinois trucker's license fraudulently.

Ahmed al Uqaily •   Ahmed Hassan Al-Uqaily, a resident of Nashville, told an acquaintance he wanted to "go Jihad" because he was unhappy about how things were going in his home country of Iraq. He was arrested Oct. 7 after paying $1,000 for purchase two disassembled machine guns, four disassembled hand grenades and hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a federal agent, so he was serious about murdering and blowing up. He also was interested in procuring handguns and missiles. According to the affadavit, Al-Uqaily expressed anger toward Jews and discussed Jewish facilities in Nashville, although he made no threats against specific sites. The video here notes the remark that this was "an arrest that could have saved lives."
    This terrorist sounds like a random jihadist, rather than someone wired in to larger groups of sleeper cells; otherwise he would likely have easier access to weapons. But this case brings up the obvious question: why do we allow the continued immigration of potential enemies? Al Uqaily was caught because an old friend ran into him and didn't like what he heard, and the friend then became an informant. It was only luck that the would-be terrorist was arrested.

Ricardo Cepates •   The trial for accused rapist Ricardo Cepates has been scheduled for mid-October. He is charged with raping six people, including a couple of Rutgers students and a 14-year-old girl. However, if the illegal alien had been deported in 1998 when he had been arrested for grabbing a Brunswick woman on the street and holding a knife to her throat, all of this violence might have been avoided. Despite a deportation order, he pleaded guilty in 1999 to weapons charges and was released on probation, rather than being repatriated as the law requires.
    Cepates was caught after he attempted to rape a young clerk in a music store and was chased down on the street by the store owner's nephew, who wrestled the perp to submission in the snow with the help of some others in the neighborhood.

Omero Rojas-Penalosa •   Mexican illegal alien Omero Rojas-Penalosa is accused of being a "hot prowler," meaning that he likes to break into houses when he knows there is someone home, ideally a woman in bed for him to sexually assault. The man was already in jail for burglary and "gross lewdness" in his resident town of Reno when he was arrested for the additional charge. Police report that at least four men have broken into the homes of about a dozen sleeping women since March.
    An unemployed drywaller, Rojas-Penalosa does not speak English and lives with his mother, Aida Penalosa. She said the accusation is false and he could not be the hot prowler because "he is always at home."

Augustine Breceda •   Augustine Breceda was sentenced Oct. 26 to 216 years in prison for nine felony convictions in his violent 25-day armed robbery spree in Reno. The twice-deported Mexican used the opportunity to plead for mercy, saying, "I just wish you would find it in your heart to give me a release date where I'll still be able to be with my three children who I miss so much."
    Actually, this perp is just the sort who should be locked up permanently. He likes to rob little old ladies and carjacked a 72-year-old woman near the church where she volunteered. When police officers found him in the stolen car, he tried to hit pursuing officers and caused several accidents as he sped through traffic at 80 mph. After crashing into a phone pole, Breceda broke into a woman's home, although she was able to escape. When Breceda finally was captured, he identified himself as a cousin who lives in Reno. Augustine Breceda already was a six-time felon in California.