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This website is dedicated to individual Americans whose lives and communities have been damaged by too much immigration too fast. However, the complexity of this issue requires an attempt at analysis through considering the pure numbers of population growth here and worldwide, as well as the cultural, environmental and economic factors that are spinning out of control. Anarchy does not respond well to denial. We can be sure that the dangerous chaos of drugs and aliens on the border will not self-correct without government intervention.

Furthermore, the long-term effects of such unprecedented growth in an industrialized economy can only mean more of the symptoms of overpopulation in the First World — sprawl, relentless traffic, environmental degradation,

What has been lost
Random musings about an earlier America, lost to pavement, progress and multiculturalism.

The arguments about how there is plenty of "space" out there in flyover country for millions more immigrants ignore the essential resource: we will run out of water long before the last bit of land disappears under pavement and housing. Many environmental scientists believe that America's 1950 population of 150 million was sustainable — that is, with that number, natural resources could replenish themselves. That situation would be analogous in finances to living off the interest rather than the principle. Overpopulation in America is drawing down our precious