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About ImmigrationsHumanCost

ImmigrationsHumanCost is dedicated to putting a human face on the havoc that open borders has brought. The press is full of stories about the struggling immigrant (often here illegally) who has come "in search of a better life." The media fail to note that this same foreigner will achieve his better life at the cost of some American who makes less money in a flooded labor market or will directly lose his job to an immigrant willing to work for peanuts. Where is the sympathetic article about an unemployed American roofer who has been displaced by a Mexican doing the job for $8 an hour?

Perhaps it should be mentioned that part of the point of legal immigration, besides the issue of the simple fairness of taking a number and standing in line, is the inspection of prospective immigrants to keep out likely criminals, terrorists and those who have infectious diseases. Protecting citizens from such obvious dangers should be a primary responsibility, a fact that was earlier recognized before business realized it could reduce labor costs by opening the borders for an endless supply of cheap foreign labor. Of course, a country that calls itself a "nation of laws" should be awarding its most valuable asset — citizenship — on the basis of an orderly queue, rather than selfish gatecrashing.

IHC has been getting attention for its spotlight on individual criminals who plague our communites as well as for describing the victims of criminal aliens. Friend of immigration enforcement Rep. Tom Tancredo has read from that web page during Special Orders Speeches in the House of Representatives, specifically on July 16. Here is a video from a week earlier, where he begins discussing crime victims at around 26 minutes into the speech (uses Real Video).

Americans who have encountered the kinds of immigration-fueled economic and social harm are invited to contact us with their own personal experiences.

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