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Mexican Extradited to Houston for Murder of Tina Davila

Houston mother of five, Tina Davila (picured), was stabbed to death in 2008 when Timoteo Rios tried to hijack her SUV, but she refused to give up the keys because her 4-month-old baby was in the vehicle. The killer was identified by the surveillance tapes from the store near the crime and he quickly fled to Mexico.

He had been arrested earlier for marijuana possession but had not been deported. See my blog from the time, “Why’d They Let Him Go?” Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Woman In Carjacking Attempt.

Now, more than two years later, the Mexican government has extradited Rios to be tried in Houston. Unfortunately, the extradition come with the usual Mexican requirement that the death penalty not be pursued by the prosecution.

The murder deprived five children of their loving mom, and that kind of pain never goes away. The kids are relieved that some justice may be at hand, but terrible memories are returning. The clip following is from KIAH-TV in Houston, Murder Suspect Faces Extradition.

Illegal immigrant extradited in Houston mom’s death, Houston Chronicle Blog, December 13, 2010

Tina Davila’s youngest child, Kaylynn, was just 4 months old, a chubby-cheeked baby strapped snugly into a car seat, when her mother was stabbed to death fighting off a carjacker in the spring of 2008.

On Saturday, Davila’s family will get together to celebrate Kaylynn’s third birthday. For Davila’s older children, the birthday is a reminder of how much time has passed since their mother was buried at a cemetery on the city’s east side.

Finally this weekend, her family members saw the main suspect in her murder, 26-year-old Timoteo Rios, extradited to Houston. And as grateful as they are that Rios will have to answer for Davila’s death, the extradition has reopened old wounds.

“I guess it just brings back too much pain and memories. I think my kids were having a hard time,” said Eric Matt, 43, Davila’s ex-husband and father of her three eldest children. “Each one of them, it makes them angry. It makes them wonder why. With the holidays and everything, it just makes it really hard.”

Davila’s eldest daughter, 20-year-old Patricia Matt, said the extradition — one year and four months after Rios’ arrest in Mexico — brings some relief, but also has dredged up difficult memories. She said she recently saw the video of her mother’s April 2008 murder, captured on a surveillance camera outside a Harris County cell phone store, on the news again.

The video shows Davila struggling with a suspect for her car keys before she’s stabbed. Witnesses said she screamed, “My baby, my baby!” before stumbling into the store and collapsing. The carjackers left without taking the SUV, and Kaylynn was unharmed.

“We have to go through all of these feelings again,” said Patricia Matt, a nursing student who attends San Jacinto Community College. “We’re pretty much reliving what we first felt.”

After Rios was charged with capital murder and fled to Mexico, his case became a high-profile example of problems with Immigration and Customs Enforcement screening at Harris County’s jails.

Rios, an illegal immigrant with a criminal record, had admitted to local law enforcement twice before the slaying that he was in the country illegally, but had not been deported, according to arrest and immigration records.

“I just don’t think it’s fair that you can come here without papers and get all of these tickets” but not be deported, Eric Matt said. “I don’t understand why they didn’t do anything way back then.

Since spring 2008, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and ICE have taken steps to increase screening at the local jail, which was the first site in the nation to participate in Secure Communities, a federal program that automatically checks inmates’ fingerprints against an immigration database. The county also participates in ICE’s controversial 287(g) program, which deputizes local law enforcement to help ICE agents identify and detain suspected illegal immigrants in detention. Continue reading this article

Newark Schoolyard Executioner Sentenced

In August 2007, three college students who were hanging out in a schoolyard were brutally attacked and shot to death by six MS-13 gangsters. Another young woman managed to survive, despite her terrible injuries, which have left her with facial paralysis to this day. The two women were raped and hacked with machetes.

See my report on the first trial First Newark Schoolyard Trial Gets Conviction.

One man, Melvin Jovel, confessed to being the only shooter, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Admitted triggerman in Newark schoolyard slayings receives three consecutive life terms plus 20 years, Newark Star-Ledger, November 4, 2010

Of the six young men who authorities say set upon a group of college friends behind a Newark schoolyard, fatally shooting three execution-style and leaving the fourth badly hurt, only one pulled the trigger.

The admitted gunman, Melvin Jovel, 21, was sentenced this morning to three consecutive life terms in prison plus 20 years.

Jovel had pleaded guilty in September to three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and weapons charges in the Aug. 4, 2007 attack behind Mount Vernon School.

Jovel said he alone shot in the head Terrance Aeriel, Iofemi Hightower and Dashon Harve. Moments later, he walked over to Natasha Aeriel, Terrance’s sister, and shot her in the head. Only Natasha Aeriel survived.

“He tried to take my life. I don’t even know what to say,” Natasha Aeriel said in court, before Superior Court Judge Michael L. Ravin imposed his sentence. Aeriel, now 22, made several prayer readings and said she even thanked Jovel for “allowing me to get closer to Christ.”

She added, “he tried to take my life. I don’t even know what to say.”

Jovel, who listened through a Spanish translator, said little except to tell the judge that one of the other co-defendants, Rodolfo Godinez, sentenced in July to identical counts, had nothing to do with the killings.

While noting that by pleading guilty Jovel spared the victims’ families another trial, Judge Ravin said he did not believe that was the defendant’s motivation. Ravin said of the defendant, “He was the slaughterer. He was the executioner.”

The brutality of the killings — Hightower and Natasha Aeriel were sexually assaulted and attacked with a machete — shocked the city and became a rallying cry for community groups and Mayor Cory Booker to end the gun violence that has plagued Newark for years.

The six defendants are said to be affiliated with MS 13, a violent Central American street gang.

Jovel is the second defendant to be convicted in the killing. Ravin had sentenced Godinez on the same counts, which under New Jersey law, adds up to 245 years in prison. A jury found Godinez guilty on all charges at his trial in May.

The remaining defendants, Jose Carranza, 31, Shahid Baskerville, 18, Gerardo Gomez, 18, and 20-year-old Alexander Alfaro — who is Godinez’s half-brother — will be tried separately.

The current AP story about the sentencing notes that Jovel is an illegal alien, a fact that was strongly hinted in his first court appearance where he swore innocence:

Newark slay suspect pleads not guilty, Newark Star-Ledger, August 21, 2007

Jovel, who is from Honduras, told the judge he does not have a Social Security number or a green card, but his immigration status remains unclear, prosecutors said. A U.S. passport was found among his belongings when he was arrested Sunday night, but officials are still trying to determine whether the passport is valid, Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Thomas A. McTigue said. Federal authorities have placed a detainer on Jovel because his status is uncertain, McTigue said.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials participated in Jovel’s arrest, and a spokesman for the agency said it becomes involved “when they suspect a person is in the county illegally.”

Below, criminals Melvin Jovel, Jose Carranza and Rodolfo Godinez.

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Killer of Two Alabama Teens Sentenced

There are many tragic stories about the victims of illegal alien criminals, but it doesn’t get much worse than the deaths of Leigh Anna Jimmerson, 16, and her boyfriend, Tad Mattle, 19. The couple died in a fiery crash in April 2009 when their car burst into flames after being struck by illegal alien Felix Ortega, who was drunk at three times the legal limit for Alabama.

The prosecutor put together a deal where Ortega pleaded guilty to two murders in return for a 15 year sentence and eligibility for parole in 12.5 years. It was acceptable to both families who presumably didn’t want to go through a trial where the horrific details of their kids’ deaths would be brought out. Even so, the plea agreement seems weak punishment indeed for the preventable deaths of two young people with their whole lives ahead of them.

Tad Mattle’s mother to Felix Ortega: “I hope every day you will think about them”, Huntsville Times Blog, August 30, 2010

HUNTSVILLE, AL — The mother of one of two Huntsville teens killed when illegal immigrant Felix Ortega slammed into their car in 2009 told him in court today that she hopes he thinks about their deaths every day.

Felix Ortega pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of murder for the traffic deaths of Tad Mattle and Leigh Anna Jimmerson and received a 15-year sentence as part of a plea agreement. Ortega entered the plea before Circuit Judge Dennis O’Dell for the April 17, 2009, crash that killed Grissom High School sophomore Leigh Anna Jimmerson, 16, and her boyfriend, Tad Mattle, 19, a 2008 Grissom graduate.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road, after Ortega had fled in his truck from a Huntsville police officer who’d been called after Ortega hit another car in his apartment building parking lot.

Mattle’s Toyota burst into flames after the accident, but police have said the collision caused their deaths before the fire started. Prosecutors said Ortega’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit at the time of the crash.

After he was sentenced, Ortega, who had an interpreter in court helping translate the proceedings from English to Spanish, asked to address the teens’ families. The parents of both teens were in the courtroom and Ortega spoke to them in English.

“I just want to say I never meant for this to happen,” he said. “I am really sorry for the pain I caused your family and my family. I just pray to God that you find it in your heart, so you can forgive me. I wish I could change it. That’s all.”

Tad Mattle’s mother, Terri Mattle,  then addressed Ortega, questioning whether he was breathing a sigh of relief when the teens’ parents would never see their children breathe again. She told him that both teens were beautiful and had their whole lives in front of them when he took them away. She questioned whether when he took that first drink that day he realized what would happen.

“I hope everyday you will think about them,” she said. “It’s not fair. We hurt everyday. It doesn’t bring them back and it never will.” [. . .]

[District Attorney Rob] Broussard said he’s not concerned about public criticism of the plea agreement, given that the difference in Alabama law between reckless murder and reckless manslaughter can be a “somewhat fuzzy” standard for juries.

“I don’t worry about that as long as I know I’m doing my duty and the most competent job I can in this county,” Broussard said. “With a guy like Felix Ortega, under these facts, it’s my duty to keep him off the streets for as long as I am able.”

Broussard was asked how the sentence might affect the families and their suffering.

“It is my experience that the families will always suffer the loss, no matter what the sentence, even if the defendant gets the death penalty, which was not an option in this case,” he said. “They will always have a hole in their hearts for that lost loved one. The plea agreement allowed us to avoid having to relive the horrible facts in this case.”

Below is a remembrance video of Tad and Leigh Anna, celebrating their brief lives. Why didn’t their country protect them from foreign criminals?

Drunk Driving Alien Sentenced to 50 Years in Austin for Felony Murder DWI

A stiff sentence was handed down to Jaime Alvarado, a serial drunk-driving twice-deported illegal alien, who killed Nashville businessman Robert Benn shortly after he arrived in Austin for a new job.

Benn was driving from the airport when his car was struck by the inebriated Alvarado as the Guatemalan was fleeing police because he feared being deported.

In a cruel coincidence for the family, Benn’s granddaughter was born a few hours before he was killed, so he never got to meet her. Robert Benn was 64 and had three children.

Repeat drunken driver gets 50 years for fatal wreck , Austin Statesman, September 15, 2010

A drunken driver who caused a fatal accident while fleeing police in East Austin last year was sentenced to 50 years in prison Wednesday by a Travis County jury.

Jaime Bonilla Alvarado, 24, had pleaded guilty earlier in the week to murder in the death of Robert Benn, 64, an information technology consultant from Nashville, Tenn., who was in Austin on business.

Alvarado is a construction worker from Honduras who prior to the Aug. 31, 2009, crash had been convicted of drunken driving three times and deported twice. Some of Alvarado’s family members cried when the verdict was read in state District Judge Jim Coronado’s court.

After the verdict, Benn’s daughter Andrea McKee took the witness stand and told Alvarado that she often thinks of her father’s last moments, alone in a strange city. She told Alvarado that her daughter was born earlier the day of Benn’s death.

Benn’s wife, Sherrie Benn, said: “I wanted justice for Bob. I think we got justice.”

Alvarado faced from five years to life in prison. During closing arguments, his lawyer, Brad Urrutia, asked for 25 years.

“He is remorseful, and he is repentant.”

Prosecutor Erika Sipiora asked for 50 years. She noted that according to Alvarado’s testimony, he was warned four times the night of the crash not to drive drunk: by two store clerks, a friend and his wife.

For the second time in the trial, she showed video of the smoky crash, taken by a police officer’s dashboard camera.

“Where on this video does it show that Jaime Alvarado was taking into consideration anyone but himself?” she asked.

Earlier in the day, Alvarado took the stand and told the jury about his life. He said he grew up poor and received only an elementary school education in the small Honduran town of Santa Rita Yoro.

He said he first came to the United States in 2005, when he was 19, but was caught on his way to Houston and deported. He said he returned soon after and settled with his twin sister and two brothers in Austin.

All three of his DWI arrests were in East Austin in 2006 and 2007. He did not show up for court each time, and when he was finally arrested, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 80 days in jail. He was later convicted in federal court of illegal re-entry by a deported alien and was deported again.

Alvarado said he returned to the U.S. within a month of his deportation and worked as a construction worker. He testified that he worked on a house near Loop 360 on the day of the crash — a Monday. He said that after work, he bought a 24-ounce Dos Equis beer, a 12-pack of Corona beer and a six-pack of Dos Equis. He drank most of the beer, he said, in a park and in his Lincoln Navigator near a disco on East Riverside Drive.

He was heading home when he drove north on Pleasant Valley Road past a police car and the officer noticed him speeding and playing loud music, according to testimony.

Alvarado did not stop, even though officer Christopher Geck turned on his lights and sirens attempting to make a traffic stop. Alvarado said he was afraid of being deported and ultimately decided he would try to drive home before being arrested so his SUV would not be impounded. [. . .]

Alvarado, who had a 0.20 blood alcohol level, 21/2 times the legal limit, suffered only minor injuries.

ICE Promises to Reveal Alien Criminal Statistics for Virginia County

On August 1, a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien killed a nun, Denise Mosier (pictured left), and seriously injured two others. The alien, Carlos Martinelly Montano (pictured right), had twice been handed over to ICE for deportation, but had instead been released into the community pending a deportation hearing (occasions which have notably poor attendance among those invited).

A few days later, the Chairman of the Prince William County board of supervisors, Corey Stewart requested information from ICE that would reveal how many illegal aliens are being released by the agency into the county and their crimes.

The rather surprising news is that ICE has agreed:

ICE Agrees to Release Illegal Immigrant Data to Virginia Official, Fox News, August 7, 2010

“ICE contacted me this morning, with great news for Prince William County citizens. They have agreed to release to Prince William County the identities and final disposition of every convicted criminal illegal alien apprehended in Prince William County, Virginia and turned over to ICE through the county’s 287(g) partnership,” Stewart said in a statement.

Stewart said his county’s police referred Carlos Martinelly Montano for deportation twice in the past after he served sentences for drunk driving convictions. But immigration officials released Montano, who allegedly killed Sister Denise Mosier and injured two other nuns in the Aug. 1 accident, on his own recognizance pending a deportation hearing.

“Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, or on this issue, we can all agree that if you are an illegal alien and you’ve committed a crime, that you should be deported afterward,” Stewart told Fox News on Friday. “But this guy had been twice handed over to immigration officials and twice released back into the community even though there was an immigration detainer on him. And of course he’s gone right back out and committed the same crime and killed a nun.”

This is good news if true. Dependable illegal alien crime statistics are normally hard to find and squishy. The government has routinely covered up, lied about and obfuscated the degree to which predatory foreign criminals have had their way in easy-going America. Authorities like to say they are pursuing the real bad guys, but recent history is replete with multiple cases of dangerous aliens arrested and released without being deported, with tragic results. (One crime that comes to mind is the preventable deaths of Tennesseeans Sean and Donna Wilson at the hands of a drunk-driving illegal who had been arrested 14 times without being deported.)

Some information about illegal alien crime is available, but mostly in limited quantities for local jurisdictions. For example in 2008 the Houston Chronicle did a fine investigative series on alien crime from researching the Harris County records of arrests and releases. The use of 287(g) which checks the status of arrested persons makes the number of aliens arrested available.

A recently released stat from ICE’s home office is that 120,000 criminal aliens have been deported in the last three years,/a>. That number is only 40,000 per year, and doesn’t count the crimes or classify them regarding violence and deaths. What’s needed is a true picture of the mayhem resulting from open borders and inadequate immigration law enforcement. Of course, all working aliens are job thieves (and may use a stolen Social Security number, a felony), which is not an insignificant crime during this employment depression.

Statistics are lifeless artifacts, which is why I have focused on the individual stories of crime victims for ImmigrationsHumanCost.org, but numeric information is required to develop adequate enforcement policy.

Anyway, the video below has more about Supervisor Stewart’s success in getting ICE to reveal local statistics, particularly the number of dangerous foreigners released instead of deported. Obviously the death of Sister Denise Mosier indicates the Obama gang is no more serious about criminal alien enforcement than previous administrations.

Houston Teen Murdered by Illegal Alien

From the sanctuary city of Houston: Shatavia Anderson, a 14-year-old girl, was shot in the back and killed by a Salvadoran illegal alien and his Honduran associate, apparently just to rob her.

Suspect in fatal shooting of teen was deported twice, Houston Chronicle, August 12, 2010

The suspect in the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old Houston girl was an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who previously was deported twice by immigration officials, authorities said.

Melvin Alvarado, 22, was convicted of two separate intoxicated driving offenses in Harris County in 2006 and 2007, criminal records show. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail in connection with the last arrest in November 2007.

Gregory Palmore, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman, said immigration officials removed Alvarado from the country in April 2008 and again in May 2009.

Palmore said it was unclear from his records whether Alvarado was picked up directly from Harris County Jail after the last intoxicated driving conviction.

The second suspect in the fatal shooting of Shatavia Anderson on Saturday, Jonathan Lopez-Torres, 18, was a lawful permanent resident from Honduras, Palmore said. Harris County records show Lopez-Torres was arrested and accused of auto theft in February 2009. That charge was later dismissed.

The two suspects allegedly saw Anderson as merely a “target of opportunity” for an armed robbery, Houston police homicide detectives said Wednesday.

Alvarado and Lopez-Torres were charged Wednesday with capital murder in the slaying of Anderson, who was known as “Tae” to her friends and family. They were being held without bail at Harris County Jail.

Kisha Lambert, the girl’s mother, was relieved when detectives called her Wednesday with the news of the arrests.

“I get to put my daughter to rest and let her know that her killers have been caught,” Lambert said.

Anderson was shot in the back while she was walking home to her northside apartment in the 1100 block of Langwick. She was last seen alive around 12:30 a.m.

Alvarado fled after grabbing some of the girl’s belongings, including jewelry, a cell phone and her purse, police said. The purse was found in the woods near the teen’s body around 9 a.m., said Sgt. Billy Bush of the Houston police homicide division.

A witness saw the shooting and gave investigators sufficient details about the suspect for a composite sketch. The same witness later identified Alvarado as the killer, police said.

Lopez-Torres was the driver, police said. He dropped Alvarado off after the pair saw Anderson walking alone on the street, police said.

“It was very cruel,” Lambert said of her daughter’s slaying. “She didn’t have nothing worth them taking her life over.”

At least in Texas, the state still executes people for murdering children.

Here’s a video report from Fox Houston:

Father of Crime Victim Tells His Story about Open Borders' Terrible Cost

Thanks to Ray Tranchant for speaking out as the father of teenager killed in a crash caused by an illegal alien. The public hears too little about the crime victims of unlawful foreigners; the liberal press prefers to swoon over foreign perps and their sufferings in pursuit of a “better life” rather than consider the human tragedies caused by open borders.

The Obama administration insists that it is prioritizing its immigration enforcement to go after the dangerous foreigners first, which sounds reasonable enough. But the August 1 death of Sister Denise Mosier from a crash with a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien showed the system is still as criminal-friendly as ever.

The accused killer, Bolivian Carlos Montano, had earlier been handed over to ICE for deportation (twice!) but instead was released onto American streets. He had spent 20 days in jail for two drunk-driving convictions, so was clearly a bad crash waiting to happen. An obviously dangerous illegal alien was released with deadly consequences.

It’s a tale of malfeasance that is all too familiar to Ray Tranchant: Alfredo Ramos, the alien later found guilty of killing Tessa Tranchant and her friend Alison Kunhardt, had been convicted twice of alcohol-related crimes but was not deported.

After My Daughter’s Death — A Father’s View of the Immigration Debate, By Ray Tranchant, Fox News, August 11, 2010

My 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, was killed by an illegal immigrant in Virginia Beach three years ago while sitting at a stop light. Her friend Ali Kunhardt, 17, also perished instantly. […]

Alfredo Ramos, a previous DUI offender and alcoholic, seemed invisible in a system that was good at looking the other way. Virginia Beach and Chesapeake were being accused of being “sanctuary cities” as Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera screamed at each other during the national news hour. O’Reilly was right.

I know what sanctuary means more than most ever will.

Ramos was actually smug at the trial and took his lumps: 40 years in prison. There was nothing I could do but forgive him; forgiveness cleanses the soul. He was an uneducated foreigner patronized by local merchants who needed cheap labor.

Hundreds of thousands of illegals in Virginia do the same. We don’t share a border with Mexico, so the awareness here isn’t as great as Arizona or California.

But the dilemma in Arizona is more important to Virginians than it seems. Last Monday, Sister Denise Mosier was killed in Prince William County. An illegal immigrant from Bolivia with two previous drunken-driving convictions is charged with killing her and critically injuring two other nuns while driving drunk.

As with me, her friends say they have forgiven him and hold no grudges.

Later in the week, in response to this tragedy, the Secretary of Homeland Security said she would get to the bottom of why the illegals are not deported when they are repeat offenders.

Here’s what I would like to tell the Secretary: Ms. Napolitano, ICE was not there in 2007 when my daughter and her friend died. And, though ICE picked up the man who hit Sister Mosier, he wasn’t kept in custody and was sent back out the streets.

This problem is not new.

We know it’s not the people but the system that fails Americans again and again. There have been hundreds of similar stories in America since Tess and Ali died.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez from Illinois reminded me personally in a Congressional hearing that the solution lies with a comprehensive plan that includes amnesty. After all, he said, “they pick your grapes, clean your hotels and are then victimized.” Luis should worry about protecting U.S. Hispanics and instead of counting on prospective Hispanic votes.

But waving a magic wand over 12 million people will not solve this immigration problem. It worries me that we would even consider giving foreigners legal rights to Social Security, health care and school in a time of $14 trillion dollar deficits.

Consider that when 12 million get citizenship, 10 million of their relatives will migrate legally. Of course citizenship will make them pay into the system, but the amount won’t be realized for many years.

I don’t believe the current system can process this many people and verify that some are not criminals or terrorists, let alone pay benefits to new Americans.